Added Services

In addition to secure Records Storage, we offer the following services:

Secure Logistics

The logistics section of Infoshred can make sure that your transfer is secure and without incident, regardless of whether you are moving a data center or private documents. Your private information is tracked from one location to the next in a continuous, secure chain of custody.

Retrieval & Delivery

You can order a file pick-up, same-day or next-day file delivery, or even supplies like boxes using our online web site. Logging on is simple, and you can make requests whenever you need them. To access your documents or talk about your account information, you can also call our live, local personnel. There is a same-day and next-day delivery option.


For the highest level of security, Infoshred uses the most recent bar code technologies to locate each box and track its history of activity. Additionally, in order to make finding your information simple and quick, we can keep track of each of the individual files in each of the boxes.

Retention Schedule

Infoshred manages retention strategies chosen by customers. Simply call us to put your demolition program into action after giving us the dates you want each box destroyed.

Private Room

We provide easy access to examine your files in a discreet setting.

Vault Storage

Microfilm, microfiche, and backup media are kept in our climate-controlled vault storage room.

Security Options

  • Chain of custody tracking for the alarm-equipped vehicles using bar coding and GPS.
  • We do background checks for all of our qualified drivers, and they receive security and storage training. They are easily recognized because they are uniformed and have ID badges.
  • Video monitoring, fire detection, and a 24-hour security system
  • Restrictive building entry

Services for Additional Storage

  • Individual date entry – file data entry for custom data entry
  • Vault Storage for Magnetic Media and Tape under Climate Control
  • Reporting – complete inventory list – report on the date of destruction
  • Scanning – For quicker delivery, we can scan your files and send them to your email. Additionally, we provide extensive scanning and indexing services.
  • Document destruction: Delete your files as necessary.
  • Storage Containers – We sell the boxes, and we’ll transport them to you.

Call us at 860-627-5800 for additional information, or click here to get a free estimate.

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