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  • Is your office being overtaken by file cabinets full of obsolete documents and/or boxes of papers?
  • Can you find back up documents when you need then? Is your customer service suffering as a result of missing or elusive files?
  • Do you pay for a pricey storage facility to keep outdated files? Are the boxes piling up in an unorganized storage unit, making it hard to even find what you need?
  • Are your staff members having problems sorting through a crowded, disorganized storage space? Is there a danger the boxes piled high will collapse or your employee will have a back injury from moving so many boxes?
  • If all of your employees have access to the boxes, can you guarantee that the documents you save are private?
  • Do your record-keeping procedures adhere to the legal standards that apply to your business?

In response to the rising demand from our shredding customers for safe document management services, Infoshred established a Secure Records Storage Division in October 2003.

Storage by Infoshred is based in our 70,000 sq ft building in East Windsor, CT. Your papers will be secure during every stage of storage thru destruction because shredding and records storage are both provided under one roof.

We specialize in offering ultra-affordable, cutting-edge records management that prioritizes customer care. We approach document storage in the same way we tackle the shredding industry: with a high level of care and attention and with customer service as our top priority. Storage by Infoshred will give you the individualized support you can only get from a business where you aren’t “just a number”.   We provide the same computerized access, retrieval, and delivery options as the “big companies.”

Storage by Infoshred provides a secure, clean, and cost-effective solution for managing and preserving important hard copy paper documents, medical records, and company records.

By entrusting Infoshred with your archives, you may avoid the overhead costs and hassles associated with maintaining your archived papers.

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