Benefits of a Comprehensive Scanning, Records Storage, and Shredding Solution

Document storage, scanning, and destruction go hand in hand.  Scanners, storage, and shredders, when taken separately, all contribute to effective document management. A company that offers all 3 solutions is even better.  You will gain efficiency and security when you use a  local, respected supplier that can offer all three services for a customized approach to your document management services.

Services for document scanning provide:

  • A more secure alternative to paper records
  • Additional options for sharing documents
  • A copy of the backup for disaster recovery
  • Improved data preservation

Services for Document Storage provide:

  • Protection for your facility from burglary and fire
  • Modern indexing and file retrieval techniques
  • Increased office space availability

Document Shredding Services provide:

  • Documents containing personally identifiable information (PII) should be destroyed safely.
  • Shredding large quantities of paper quickly without the difficulties and dangers of unsecured DIY shredding
  • To demonstrate compliance with data protection rules, you need to get a Certificate of Destruction.
  • Combining document scanning, storage, and shredding with NAID AAA Certified shredding companies’ adherence to the highest security requirements in the sector

Your organization will benefit from security, efficiency, and improved disaster recovery by selecting a provider that combines scanning, storage, and shredding to give you the best of all three.

When scanning and storage are combined, it is possible to transfer bulky, space-consuming paper files to a secure records center, where you may request them whenever you need them via hard copy delivery or Scan On Demand.

When storage and destruction are combined, the hassle of keeping track of retention periods is tracked by the records management provider, ensuring that you know when your data should be destroyed and permitted by law at the end of their useful lives.

Combining scanning, storage, and shredding provides you with a complete records management solution delivered by a team of professionals under one roof, physically securing your information as well as assisting in keeping your company compliant with the alphabet soup of data protection rules.

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