Designing Your Records Storage Plan

Designing Your Records Storage Plan – some things to consider:

Data breaches of sensitive information are becoming more frequent in both the public and corporate sectors. It is perhaps the most valuable commodity in the world.  As a business owner, you rely on both the availability of your information and the privacy of that information, both of which are challenging to say the least given the volume and variety of data in your organization. Most common among the information you have collected are the following:

  •  Financial and accounting records
  • Personnel records – contracts with clients and vendors; and proprietary information
  • Personnel records
  • Important papers

Maintaining the confidentiality of your company’s information requires having the appropriate records and information management policies in place.

One of the main causes of data breaches is not having the proper business procedures for collecting, storing, and retrieving data. The mistaken assumption that such risks can be eliminated by “lock and key” security is common in the business world.  Data must be available and accessible to support essential company tasks, but keeping unauthorized individuals from accessing and using personal information is crucial.

Accessibility and security don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The security of your company’s data can be significantly increased with a thorough records management program. Getting an accurate picture of the information you have, both in hard copy and electronic form, and where it is located, is the first step. When business information cannot be located quickly, issues arise. It is crucial to have an accurate inventory with records preservation standards.

Unfortunately, keeping old records that should have been destroyed costs a lot in overhead and administrative costs and poses a serious risk of a data breach. Archival records with long retention times require critical office space and supervision. Using Infoshred Records Storage is less expensive and offers more privacy protection.  The advantages of Infoshred commercial off-site records storage include:

  • Improved disaster recovery capabilities
  • Stringent chain of custody procedures
  • Records inventory tracking
  • Monitored and controlled access to Records
  • Faster information location and retrieval
  • Certified end of retention lifecycle disposal
  • Secure chain of custody procedures

Businesses that use an outsourced solution for information management and storage benefit from improved data protection as well as more efficient and cost-effective company operations.

With the proliferation of information, privacy concerns are likely to keep changing. Setting up a solid basis for records and information management concepts will assist your business in staying on top of the game.

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