Four Document Storage Myths, Dispelled

It can be difficult to know how to save papers without the proper information. Should you store them inside or hire a self-storage facility? We intend to address any misunderstandings in this blog. Here are four widespread misunderstandings about document archiving that might be expensive for your company.

Myth 1: Office Document Storage Is Secure

Few businesses have security procedures in place to prevent unwanted access to private documents. Protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) should be stored in records centers off-site where your documents are shielded against calamities and illegal access by unauthorized employees. The facility may only be accessed by background-checked and authorized records management specialists. They transport your files in a GPS-tracked car at your discretion.

Myth 2: Records must be kept for all time.

Not all documents must be kept on file indefinitely. In actuality, the majority of documents have finite lives. Your danger of identity theft, commercial fraud, and legal liability rises if you keep them longer than is absolutely necessary. By managing your retention inventory, a records storage service helps you prevent storing anything longer than is necessary.

Myth 3: It’s Too Difficult to Store Documents Off-Site

It can take from several minutes to hours find a paper in a filing cabinet or storage closet, and you never get that time back. Your document organization is maintained and your retrieval procedures are streamlined with off-site records storage. Your records storage company moves your documents to a records center and uses barcodes to keep track of them. Your documents are either hand-delivered to you the same day with a click of the mouse or sent to your computer using a Scan on Demand service.

Myth 4: Records storage compliance is unimportant

Legal and regulatory compliance depend on knowing which records to maintain and for how long. Your records are protected by a document storage service throughout their retention period. You get a thorough audit trail of all your retrieval, storage, and disposal operations.

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