Solutions for Offsite Records Management for Remote-Hybrid Organizations

Despite the fact that the majority of the world has recovered from the pandemic shutdowns, remote hybrid companies are still a growing trend in the workplace. In fact, a poll by the research and consulting firm Gartner found that 82% of executives planned to allow employees to work remotely at least occasionally. Additionally, 56% of the US workforce’s non-self-employed workers have employment that allow for some degree of remote work, according to information from Global Workplace Analytics. This number corresponds to approximately 75 million workers.

Companies that embrace the trend permit employees to work remotely while continuing to interact with their coworkers, bosses, and clients. While there are obvious advantages to this, it also creates new difficulties when it comes to maintaining sensitive data across many locations. In response, a lot of businesses are using solutions that incorporate remote storage and digital documents management. These can boost productivity while providing businesses with comfort, security, efficiency, and cost savings.

It’s crucial to carefully weigh all of your options before picking an offsite storage and records management solution for your business. When researching remote storage and records management services, you should look for the following document management options.

Offsite Storage is More Practical and Economical Than Onsite Storage.

Offsite storage is more practical, economical, and secure. If you currently keep your records in a room or facility on site, it may be time-consuming for your personnel to find papers. The advantages of remote storage will be explained in this section.

If you keep your documents on-site, you’ll pay for more expensive real estate and spend money on the machinery that handles and maintains them. Businesses must also pay utilities (power, heat, air conditioning, water, and internet); purchasing and maintaining the hardware required to control information access (servers, IT security, and physical security equipment like security cameras); staff salaries for system maintenance and monitoring; and resources to track when to dispose of records. Offsite storage becomes a lot more practical and affordable choice as a result.

Typically, offsite storage provides more security layers than onsite storage. Onsite storage can pose a security concern. It is vulnerable to all of the possible flaws that might arise in a structure, including burglary and natural disasters. The facility and its contents must be monitored by employees, and staff may unwittingly jeopardize the security of your data by failing to adhere to compliance requirements and industry security standards. (i.e. human error). Since they employ additional physical safety measures like barcoded entry, electronic locks, and motion sensors that are more challenging for an onsite facility to adopt, offsite facilities are typically significantly more secure than ones that are onsite.

Document Imaging and Scanning

Document scanning is a terrific approach to protect data and lower the cost of maintaining paper records. You may manage and organize your papers more effectively, as well as increase their security and collaboration capabilities, by digitizing them.

For instance, when you scan papers with Infoshred, we keep track of who has access to each document for you, making it simple for you to manage permissions at various levels. By enabling cross-departmental collaboration without having to worry about security, privacy, or confusion about who has access to what information, this can assist increase productivity.

Let us handle the laborious work! With the aid of our services, you’ll be able to run your company more effectively and efficiently, accelerating growth.

Safe Document Disposal

Document disposition and destruction is a crucial component of lifecycle management that many offsite storage providers offer, regardless of your company’s size—small, medium, or large. In accordance with your company’s retention requirements, document shredding can assist your corporation in securely and inexpensively getting rid of critical records. It also guards against security threats and data breaches, which, if they happen, might cost your company money and damage its brand. In addition, document destruction ensures adherence to relevant laws, rules, and guidelines on the destruction of private information. 

The era of hybrid remote work is here and will most likely remain. A growing number of businesses can save money by selling real estate entirely or combining their onsite presence with their offsite resources. Remote-hybrid firms can maintain their records in a secure, compliant, economical, and effective manner by enlisting the assistance of an offsite records management company.

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