Top 4 Records Storage Questions and The Answers

We provide document storage services to many organizations. In preparation for choosing a storage company, potential customers frequently ask us insightful questions about record storage to learn about the process. In this blog, we address the top five records storage-related questions to assist you in making the best decision possible regarding where to keep your important documents.

Why should I keep my records off-site?

There are many advantages to using an offsite records storage option, one of which is that you may avoid taking up valuable real estate in your office when storing your documents in large file cabinets. Your documents are shielded against calamities and illegal access in your office when you use a records center. In addition to supporting your documents retention program and ensuring your company complies with state and federal privacy requirements, your records management provider controls your offsite inventory.

I have documents with unusual sizes. Do they fit in a records center for storage?

In a records center, you can keep any kind of file or document, including:

  • legal records
  • health records
  • engineering and architectural plans

A top records storage company offers a storage option that is specifically suited to your requirements. Your data are safeguarded and available, regardless of whether you have medical x-rays on microfilm or architectural blueprints in tubes.

How can I transport my papers to the records center?

Your records storage partner will give you bar code labels and transmittal forms for your boxes and files when you set up your account. You finish the transmittal forms and apply the bar codes to your records. Then, our records management specialist who has undergone a background check, collects the boxes from your office or storage facility, loads them into a GPS-tracked vehicle, and drives them to the records center.

When may I ask for records?

It’s simple to access your off-site documents storage inventory. You can select next-day, two-hour, after regular business hours, weekend, or holiday delivery whenever you enter into your web account. We also offer a Scan on Demand service that delivers your papers directly to your laptop or PC.

Request an estimate on our website or by calling 860-627-5800 to learn more. Our experts will ask you a few questions to better understand your requirements, after which they will tell you exactly what to expect from start to finish, including the cost.

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